Wednesday, June 13, 2012

White Sands National Monument

Two weekends ago Zoey and I had a rough, frustrating day so I packed us up in the car on our way to White Sands. I decided to follow a sign that said:
"White Sands
Missile Range"
Thinking it meant White Sands AND Missile Range. Nope! :oP Upon reaching a gate asking for identification I realized I forgot my purse. Yargh! So a nap for Zoey and Starbucks panini and decaf Mocha Coconut Frappachino for me later we were in better spirits and decided the next day would be better.

So off we went again the next day! I planned it again around her nap and figured she'd be worn out early and head home before the sunset. But the two hours I figured we would spend turned into four! It was gorgeous and the awesomeness of the beach without the 'scary' water :o) Zoey loved playing in the sand (as you can see from the images above)!

As you are driving up to the first dunes you kinda think 'um yeah there are white sands but it's not strictly white sands. And the lines of the dunes are broken up with all the plant-life.' Beautiful though but not quite what I had seen in pictures! :o)

The upper right picture above is so cute because it was almost like she didn't want to step on a crack and break her momma's back :oP

So as you start driving further in you start to become surrounded with the strictly white dunes you expect from the park! Completely awe-inspiring! Luckily we were there on a 'cooler' day and later in the day so the heat was somewhat manageable :o)

She is just ridiculously adorable isn't she? Ah!

She started getting snuggly right as the sun started setting so we left a little before the actual sunset. :o)

This is pretty much white sands: a beautiful land of white!

The yuccas were blooming when we went there too!

I will leave you on this note, with this beautiful texas sunset (colors barely adjusted) <3

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