Monday, July 23, 2012

Floral Omaha! Part 2 (The thrilling conclusion!)

One evening my sister wanted to go on a bike ride and to coax me into going she said the magical sentence 'we could go to the rose garden so you could take pictures!' Hook, line, and sinker. So we biked on over to Boys Town, which always has beautiful roses!

My mom loves coral roses so I had to snap a couple shots of them!

I was lucky to get as many shots as I did of the roses above this image because majority of the roses looked like this: japanese beetles having a rose feast. :o( They are interesting little buggers but I was still squealing like a little girl (as I do NOT like bugs of any sort). I regained my composure best I could for I need the practice so I don't accidentally scare Zoey or get her in the habit of scaring easily at the sight of a bug :o)

My sister blew on them and they opened their legs like this. YMCA anyone? :oP

On the way back home, down the big hill, my sister zoomed ahead and I caught a glimpse of this lily on the left and had to stop. My sister was too far ahead to hear me scream that I was stopping so she biked her way back up the hill (Sorry Sis!!!). :o) But I have a love for lilies as they remind me of a friend and with the sun so perfectly shining on them, what photographer could resist?

I love honeysuckle!

Ah, the trumpetvines! I missed these blooming last year so I was excited to see them on this trip!

My mom has been raising African Violets! I never really thought much of them before but seeing all the ones she and my aunt had really gave me an appreciation for them and their beauty! Isn't it fun to revisit something with new eyes and give a second chance? I love finding beauty in that way :o)

And one last image of my mom's hydrangea. I love these and seeing all the different colors they turn out to be (based on the soil right?) :o)

I hope you enjoyed my trip images! I am hoping to be quiet for a little while here so I can clean up my hard drive and organize it! I have a TON of phone pictures and videos that really just need to be deleted! But I have a few Zoey images from my Nikon to edit and post that I have taken randomly since I have been home so I will hop on from time to time to post those.

With the overwhelming number of images I took on vaca, I took a break from editing and started making bonnets. I cannot tell you how great it felt to smell my Bernina and press that foot pedal (it's so quiet I can sew while everyone is sleeping!) and create something. Seriously, no pattern or anything, just a couple inspirational bonnets I've seen online and then I did my own thing. I think I've perfected it (for my tastes :oP). Now if only I could get Zoey to enjoy wearing them. I see a future of me sporting a bonnet all day while cleaning and doing laundry to prove to her the trend is awesome :o)

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