Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Walking on the Waterfront in Tacoma (Ruston)

I have known my friend Kirsten for, holy cow, 19 years. We met at the ballet studio in Germany when my mom was stationed there. Thanks to the beauty of facebook we got back in touch after a few years on not being in contact and picked right up where we left off. She is seriously one of the most energetically fun people I know! She doesn't have any siblings so she begged (though she really didn't need to :oP) to be Zoey's auntie (she would have been one anyway :oP). Finally on our trip up to Washington she got to meet her! Zoey fell in love and I don't think I have been able to get as many smiley pics of Zoey as I did that evening with Kirsten! Her energy and positive spirit just lit up my little girl's face and put her in amazing spirits :o)

Teaching Zoey about the awesomeness of flower/plant life!

This one makes me laugh because the flower 'face' reminds me of a fish face my sister (in-law/best friend) and I do!

They are adorkable!

I am in love with this picture of the two of them! Sums up the evening :o)

I love the little tongue thing Zoey does when she smiles big. I tried once but I just can't pull it off like she can!


I think her jeans were too tight because she kept trying to get up and rocked and rocked and rocked with little success :oP

I loved editing these because ever since I stopped nursing (when I got sick after vaca) Zoey hasn't been this happy. We have good, happy moments but there are far more miserable, whiney moments now. Holding on to these times and so grateful to be a photographer that can capture and cherish moments like this!

Ah, there's that shoulder lead!

I have a thing for run down objects <3

Day is done <3

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  1. Awesome! Beautiful moments captured.