Friday, August 31, 2012

Collage: The Next Generation, Part 1

As some of you may know I used to dance; ballet was my weapon of choice. And if you've been following me for the past few months you probably remember that I went up to Washington State to dance with my old ballet studio in a performance of our late ballet teachers' signature piece: Collage. After a few weeks pictures of the performance and days leading up to it were posted on facebook and the director of the studio mentioned to my mom making a baby version. Ah, when you give my mom a crazy-cute idea like that you better believe she will act on it! She sent me pictures of the process and in one surprised me with the fact that she was making an American Girl doll one also (she used to mini-me my outfits for my dolls when I was younger)! I knew what I was receiving by the time the box arrived but it was SO much cuter in person and I could not get over it! Immediately we put the outfits on and took some shots outside! When she got in her costume and held her doll in the matching outfit her spirits just lifted and she was beyond happy and so in love with the concept!

Bulldog face is back!

Ready to Tango!

And dip!

Chin up dollie!

I asked her to send kisses to her Oma to thank her so this is 'thank you Oma' picture!

She was trying to help her doll hold the water cup!

Helping Marisol (the doll) slide! Even said 'wee!' like my hubs and I do when she slides!

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