Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Week 32/52 - Details

I'm so behind in blogging all of these! For 'Details' week I chose this image. I took the hubs and Zoey out to hone in on my style and practice a couple techniques with backlighting. And while I used to take an image and just be okay with it if there was something I didn't like, I'm realizing the details are what I really need to focus on.

In the image above, she posed all model-y, the birds were flying behind her and the sun created a perfect haze. So from the camera end, I was happy with the details. Next up, the editing details. Taking green out, putting pink/orange in, sharpening and brightening my subject while darkening the background a bit, adding a couple more birds.

Ah details; it's the reason us photographers have to charge what we do, all these details take time and patience and I love every minute!

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