Friday, August 10, 2012

Morgans at the Park

I am really trying to get serious about getting my business up and running, but just taking pictures in my backyard isn't going to help me when it comes to paying clients so with baby and hubby in tow I dragged them to this park I spotted last week. Made sure it was the 'golden hour' (well a little before since the mountain block the real golden hour for us on this side of the mountains) and I set the baby and hubby loose to watch them interact and have fun. I really want to be minimally hands-on when it comes to photographing families so I can catch their candid interactions with one another. <3

I will say while editing this set I felt so at peace with my final results and so much closer to 'my style' of editing. I still have a little tweaking to do but I think with calibration (oh yes, another element of photography I didn't know about until recently) it might help with what I see when editing versus what gets uploaded and eventually sent off to printers! But it's amazing how playing with the sunlight can add a whole new element to an image, so much magic, and I'm realizing I want to bring magic to people's images. Not necessarily in the literal sense as the post a few posts down but in that feeling you get when you look at an image, like above. Birds flying behind her, 'sparkling' as the sun hits their wings. Zoey standing in her most model-y pose surrounded by the haze of the sunlight. That's the kind of magic I hope to bring: natural magic <3

So I hope you enjoy these images! I've been excited to post these for a couple days now and finally found the time! <3

*twirling* <3

Unimpressed with daddy

More impressed with daddy!

Loving daddy

And sharing with daddy, well after taking it from him first :oP

My goodness, she is adorable (but I am a bit biased :oP)

Who needs a big hug? Sure looks like Kermie does!

Dancing with Kermie

Had to turn her dress pink for a couple images so she could be the Miss Piggy to her Kermie <3

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