Friday, August 3, 2012


I actually find this post a bit embarrassing to admit to for as long as I have had my dslr camera but I just figured out metering. I've been reading about it everywhere and finally read a post somewhere that explained it as if they were talking to a dummy. *raises hand* :o) So, for all my non-photog readers, there is this meter (hello to clue number 1!) inside the viewfinder area and it tells you how exposed your image is: + is bright, - is dark. I have been taking pictures and looking at them on the screen this whole time to see if I am where I want to be, unknowingly wasting space and time (those images do get deleted but it's the principal of it all! :oP). I honestly thought it was just another reminder telling me where I set my exposure (because you can set your camera to be brighter or darker depending on your photography style). Anyway, I am sharing this in case there is anyone out there who may stumble upon this post and have it click for them as it did for me. Three years. Sigh :o) But I am learning and mastering my instrument and loving every moment. now to just get away from backyard pictures and go scouting for fun locations!


Metering saves me so much time on indoor shots where the light isn't as plentiful as outside. I can quickly gauge my shutter speed, aperture, and ISO versus shooting, looking, adjusting, shooting, looking, adjusting and missing moments I wanted to capture!

Zoey's first word was tickle, so she loves to go around 'tickling' every body and every cat :oP And Mollie truly is great about playing back or putting up with her!

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