Sunday, February 26, 2012

Additional Shots From My Week 8 of Project 52

Because I can never pick just one. Yargh!!! But she was looking adorable in her way too big Toms and I had my camera so tons of pictures followed! :oP

This little angel is turning 1 on Tuesday! Ah! Her daddy and I worked very hard to spoil her today and get a little [cuppy] cake smashing session in. It was definitely fun but I think I learned my lesson on what frosting to not use :oP She's been the greatest accomplishment of my and her daddy's life thus far and I can't thank her enough for all that she's taught me about life and who I want to be for her.

So for lent I gave up Starbucks (eek, been half a week and very hard :oP) but I'm also working on giving up the negativity my stress and hormones (yes I still have the baby hormones affecting me!) have pushed upon me. So I will be focusing on the beauty portrayed in the pictures below and the happiness and blessings I have been afforded because of her and my hubby and my family and friends!!!

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