Friday, March 2, 2012

Zoey's First Birthday

Zoey's daddy set this whole Tangled birthday up while we slept! It was so beautiful and thoughtful!

He also got her a princess palace which she just loves being chased in and out of! Some of the best giggles to date!

Zoey's GG got her this cute little fish bowl with a 'goldfish' in it! It truly looks real. In fact I screamed when the fish fell out onto my hand as I took the lid off to fill with water. Haha. Zoey was confused :oP

Her Oma (and Aunt Leslie?) picked out this adorable purse for her since the last time they were here they noted how much she loved purses and needed one for herself :o)

And with the purse came this adorable caterpillar quilt her Oma made for her! How can you not smile when you see that little bug smiling back at you! :o)

Unfortunately I dont have a picture of her in the outfit contained in this package as it's still a little big for her at the moment but it's a couple cute little green and blue outfits!

And of course her Auntie Sashie sent her an Indian Princess outfit that she gets to grow into and some bangles that she adores (as you can tell by the picture above :oP). No really she keeps them in her purse and opens up her purse when she wants to play with them!

Zoey's Aunt Joann sent her this little rabbit cart to help her walk! And boy has she been a walking machine (assisted still!) since!

She's still figuring out how to not put too much pressure on the cart but occasionally does and can't keep her feet up with the increased speed and falls to her knees :o( It pains me to not panic and run to her when she does but I really dont want her to feel like she can get away with crying at the smallest of injuries. She's going to get hurt and I have to let go and let her learn :o)

With her birthday came a cake smash session! Yaiyee! Her Auntie Kylie provided her "Zoey Is One" onesie and headband! She really had a fun time and maybe we will do another when she turns 2! (Oh the mess she will be making then!)

I would love to thank everyone who helped make Zoey's birthday absolutely incredible, and not just with gifts but with all the birthday wishes and thoughts and love <3 We are so incredibly blessed to have the family and friends that we do. Thank you again!

For the rest of the images please go here: Zoey's Birthday Week


  1. She looks so cute in her onesie! I almost got a bigger size because Holden is already in 18 month stuff but I am glad I didn't and she is a lady and fits the right size. " ) She is stinkin cute!

  2. Beautiful! I noticed in the photo of Zoey and her rabbit cart her lips semi-smiling is the same semi-smile as her Daddy's in several pictures! Happy Birthday little lady!